Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

These are just a few pictures from Zach's blessing day...

These are most of the men who were in the circle.

I love this picture of Grandpa Furness with Zach, he says that he never holds any of them but if you make him he will. Look at him, you can't tell me he doesn't love it!

Zach had this thing where he would stick his toungue out all the time it was so funny! Paul and Mark thought it would be funny if they all did it, silly boys!

I love this picture of Zach and Braden! Braden has been so cute with him, giving lots of hugs and kisses. I think it was good for Zach to have come a couple months before Braden's new brother so he could get used to having a baby around. What cute boys!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Uncle Mark and Zach's first meeting

My friend Sarah had twins the day after I had Zach... It is so fun to watch them grow...Zach is in the middle with Lincoln on his left and Sally on his right.
Mommy loves her muffin baby!!

Daddy is eating Zach's hand... AHHH!

This was Zach's first Dr.'s appointment.

Zach had a little bit of jaundice when we brought him home so he had to have what they called a bili blanket. It was this paddle like thing that we placed on his back and strapped around his belly. I called him my little glow worm because that's what it reminded me of... you had one as a kid right? To be honest with you the whole bili blanket thing was a pain in the booty but it did get the job done!

Grandma Young gave me my first bath at home

Grandma Furness came to visit!

Our 3 day adventure!