Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Time!

We went to Idaho to see my family and to attend a family reunion. At the reunion Bob & Linda (my cousins) brought this rocket launcher they had made and the kids (Paul included) made their own rockets to launch. It was so cool! I even made one but it was really crappy! Sad day Jill Young! Anyway, we had a "blast" at the reunion!

After the reunion we went to dinner at Pizza Villa. This is Paul's favorite place to eat in Preston, we MUST eat there everytime we go to Preston it is now tradition. They happened to be having their annual Pig out so we were very lucky to have been a part of it. :) Zach ate 3 silces by himself as well as 2 breadsticks... the little piggy piggy! At the pig out they were giving out prizes and sunglasses for the kids. They gave Zach a pair of sunglasses which he did not want to wear so Uncle Brent put them on... oh boy! Zach was freaked out by the glasses, it was so funny! We got an extra pair for some reason so NaTasha put them on too... Zach did not like that either!! We had a great time in Idaho!! Love ya fam!!

Zach eating his first slice of pizza!

Zach & Grandma Priestley

Zach says "I love me some Pizza!"

Paul won a prize.. He was so excited!! He looks like a St. Bernard with it around his neck! :)

As you can see Zach is not impressed with the glasses but that is uncle Brent's hand reaching for them.

Zach looks like he is thinking.. Mom what is going on??

Oh boy! Uncle Brent sure thinks this is funny but I am not quite sure about this!

NaTasha & Brent in their awesome sunglasses! You guys look hot!! :)

Zach was covered in Pizza sauce so we stripped him down to his diappy and shoes and put him in the carseat... can you say white trash baby!?

A much needed treat

After such a long night terrorizing Rodney Zach needed an ice cream cone...

Do you know Arctic Circle has courtesy cones?? Awesome!!

He took some time out to eye my shake...

Then it was back to his cone. Zach loves ice cream!

This was not the end for the ice cream cone, he ate the entire thing cone included! He is such a munch mouth! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kitty Kitty

On our way to Idaho to see my family, we stopped off at our friends Parker & Dayna's house to visit. They have a cat named Rodney and Zach loved him!! I don't think Rodney had quite the same appreciation for Zach. I think they had fun together, well at least Zach did. I'm sure Rodney was glad to see us go!

Look at Zach's face, he is so excited! Rodney is just stareing him down not quite sure what he is?

At one point Zach would get too aggressive and Rodney would throw his paw up in defense.

Sometimes Rodney would just lay there and let Zach hit him...

Then he would get bugged and run off...

That was not a problem for Zach he would just chase after him. It was the funniest thing ever, it makes me want to get a kitten or a puppy for him although we won't anytime soon.

A day at the Zoo

We got a pass for the Zoo this year, it has been so much fun! We decided to go on a play date with Marci and the boys, we had a blast!!

We had to stop and see the Giraffes, they are our favorite!

Check out Zach and Brock in the egg, Zach didn't like it at first...

But then he and Brock found something cool to play with, check out Brock's face! So cute!

How many boys can you fit into a tortoise shell?

These two crack me up look how cute they are! I can't wait for them to be old enough to really play together, they are going to have so much fun.

All of us at the Zoo!

Chocolate covered peanut anyone?

So I went to Costco and bought Paul a treat, chocolate covered peanuts. Paul had been watching T.V. and had the giant jar of his yummy treats on the couch by him. The next thing we knew Zach had opened the jar (I don't think the lid was on tight) and had a fist full of chocolate. It was too cute to get mad at him, he was holding on to that thing for dear life.

The snatch...

Looking at dad to see how much trouble he might be in...

Look at my couch behind him, will it ever be clean again?

The end result... He enjoyed the yummy treat so much, you can see it on his face! LOL :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our summer so far... ok really just until June

Hold on to your pantalones because this is a really long post... I promise more is coming so you can be completely updated on our summer but it's really late and I am really tired! So like I said there will be more to come... soon I promise!

The next few pics were taken at Kelsie's high school graduation at the E-Center.
I LOVE this picture of Zach and my dad, they are so cute!!

Grandma and Aunt Michelle with Zach.

Paul made Zach slide down the rail, I don't know if Zach thought it was as cool as Paul did.

Kelsie and Zach. Congrats graduate!! We are so proud of you Kelsie!!

Aunt DeAnn & Zach reading. I just couldn't resist taking this pic I thought it was too cute!

My friends little girl sat her apple down on our coffee table and walked away, just about 2 seconds later Zach made his way to the table and started eating her apple. Tessa saw him and freaked out so I decided to give Zach his own apple.

He loved it!
Look at that thing...
I don't know if you can see it in his hands but he ate that thing down to the core! He loved it and I bet it felt so good on his litte gums.

Ok so we tried the whole fish thing again... Zach loved to watch them, he would just hang out and laugh at them it was the funniest thing! They died but they lasted a lot longer than the last ones!!

We got Zach a new carseat and he loved the box it came in! It cracks me up to see this, did you ever play in the box when your parents got a new fridge or washer and dryer? I totally remember the forts we made with the huge boxes! :)

Zach in his new "big boy" car seat! He loves to face forward!!

Ok so I had this awesome idea for pics on my ties for tots blog. We got together with Marci & Dan, Becky & Jason, and Jill & Tyler and we all have boys so I thought it would be an awesome opprotunity to take some pictures. OH BOY!!! Seriously it was the most comical thing ever, 6 boys under 4... come on really!? There was no way that we were going to get them to all look at us at the same time! It was a nice try and a fun time, I don't think we have laughed so hard in a while! Good job boys, and to all involved!

Zach got his first tatoo... obviously it's not real! Doesn't he look so tough! Just ignore the boogers! LOL

Ok maybe I am a bad mom but I am totally laughing at this pic. right now!! I had to take a picture before I could help him it was just too funny!! Zach hates his carseat sometimes, I think he just hates to be restrained. We had just gotten home and I unbuckled him because he was freaking out but as you can see I did not take him out of the straps. I grabbed the sacks in the car and turned around to grab Zach who was again freaking out. This is what I found... I had to take a picture! Don't worry he was not hurt, just really mad!!

While Marci & Dan were on their cruise Paul, Zach & I had a play date with Braden. We took him to the zoo & we had so much fun! You wouldn't know by the pics but I promise I was there too! :)
On the train ride!

The white alligator... Braden made me go back with him to see it twice! That thing freaks me out!!

There is a cougar in the cave thing to the left of the boys. Braden is a true BYU fan so we had to take a pic with a real cougar!

The boys haging out with the tigers at Asian Highlands.

Zach loves the swing at Marci & Dan's house... thank you Ryan(Dan's dad)!

As you can see, Zach also loves the fridge! Everytime I open it he boot scoots right over and gets in, he got really fast!

This is what my kitchen has been looking like for the past few months. Zach takes everything out of the cupboard plays for a while then finds something new and I clean it up... eventually the vicious cycle begins again. I think because we have a lot of family and friends with kids I realized long ago you have to pick you battles. This is one battle that I don't pick, I just let him play and when he moves on to something else I clean it up. :)

He plays in the cupboard and then moves on to the drawer.

These are pics of Zach when he first started to crawl...

Look at this face, he is so cute and so mischevious!

I was sitting on the floor playing with him and taking pictures when I realized why he likes to get in to everything... this is his view. I mean look at all the cupboards and drawers and the dishwasher. How could you not get into everything? :)

My cute little helper!