Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zach's new hat!

Ok so here it is... these pictures were taken today so that means our blog is completely updated!!! YEAH!!! I just had to blog these pictures I took today of Zach in his new hat. I don't know if you all got in on that 40% off sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago but that's where we got the hat. I love it and Zach thinks he is such a stud in it, he loves it too! And really he is a stud I mean look at him, he's just so cute!! Happy blogging all! Love ya! :)

Licorice anyone?

Zach loves to eat what we eat now and usually won't take no for an answer. I was eating Twizzlers the other night and he wanted some too, as you can see he enjoyed the new treat!

Don't you just want to kiss those sticky little cheeks! :)

Wild hair

Zach is one wild kid, the other night he was in his crib and mad about something. When I went to his crib he was under his bumper pads, I pulled him out this is what I found. I thought it was so funny that I had to take a picture! This kid cracks me up he is so funny, I just love him more than words can say! :)

Reading the newspaper

Zach is reading the paper with Uncle John, reading....


reading and eating....

and eating... I guess there wasn't anything good?!

Congratulations Mark & Karissa!


Mark & Karissa got married on the 23rd of February, we are so happy for them!! It was such a beautiful day, we spent the day downtown at Temple Square enjoying all the festivities. I am so excited to have a new sister-in-law, Karissa is such a cute girl and we are lucky to have her as part of our family! Congratulations and best wishes to the new couple! :) We love you guys!
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I have this issue where when it starts to get dark I close the blinds in the house, I am freaked out by people being able to see in but I can't see out. Every morning I get up and eventually open the blinds, well check out our surprise! Paul and I don't watch the news very often and had no idea it was going to snow! We were very surprised to see all of the snow!

It took us almost an hour to get our white car out of all that snow! Paul was so mad and I just laughed, which made him even more upset! Sorry love! :)

The many faces of Zach

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Happy New Year!

We spent New Years Eve at Fat Cats bowling all night it was so much fun! They have all you can bowl and a pizza deal thing every year, then at midnight there is confetti and they give you hats and noise makers it is really fun.

Zach and Mommy

Our cute family!

Daddy and Zach... I love this picture, but I think the hat is a bit small for Paul! :)

Christmas morning

Do you like my hat?

I bought Zach this hat and mittens this winter and I just love how silly he is in them!! Check out the long johns too. This was the only time we put him in them but how funny are they? The things we do to our kids! These are going to be fun to show his fiance in twenty some odd years.


I just love this kid, Zach makes me smile and laugh everyday! We have been so blessed with him. He is such a good baby and he is so good natured. I have so much fun with him and I just love being a mom it is the best thing in the world!! I love this picture of him so much it makes me smile everytime I see it so I had to share it with all of you! :)

Go Broncos!!

Paul grew up in Denver so he is a Broncos fan to the death, and now so is Zach as you can see. Paul was so excited when he saw this jersy in the store and he just had to buy it!

Two hands on the ball!! This was Zach's first football lesson, two hands on the ball. It looks like he mastered it! :)

Happy Halloween (just a few months late)

Zach's first fall. As you can see he is really excited! :)

Mmmmm Yummy!

Paul is having fun carving his pumpkin!

Check out the finished product! This was the first time I have carved something cool, not just a standard pumpkin face. By the way mine is a mummy and Paul's is a spider. We had so much fun!

Happy Halloween from us to you!

Check out our pumpkins aren't they cool!?

Trick or Treating.. in the carseat

Zach is such a cute Tiger! Roar!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


On Paul's side of the family four of us had babies all within about 2 1/2 months of each other. It was really fun to get the babies together and see how different they are!

Here we are with the babies... Me & Zach, Marci & Brock, Meagan & Mason and Hillory & Colton.

Zach, Brock, Mason and Colton... The babies were all crying at one point, it was so funny!

Idaho here we come!

This was Zach's first trip to Idaho so of course we had to take pictures! I know I know he looks so excited to go!

We had to take a picture by the Welcome to Idaho sign! I almost had to wake him up for this shot. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I love this picture of Amy and Zach, aren't they so cute!! :)

Paul cracks me up everyday! He is just the cutest dad and so silly! This is him with Zach and Brock(Marci's baby) on Brock's blessing day.

Generations. This is Grandma Young, Great Grandpa & Grandma Furness, Zach and Daddy.

Zach's new trick

I had to post these pictures, this is one of Paul's accomplishments. Zach was only 3 months and I nursed him most of the time but when he was home on wednesdays with daddy this is what happened. Paul started to teach Zach how to hold his bottle at about 8 weeks, when I went back to work. Paul was very proud of Zach for learning at such a young age, I think daddy just didn't want to hold the bottle! :)

Birthday buddies!

I love these pictures of Zach and Roman. They were born on the same day just a couple of hours apart. Roman is our friend's baby, his mom Nicole works with Paul. Watch as Roman attacks Zach's head it is so funny!

We should have taken a picture after all of this, Zach's head was so wet from Roman trying to eat him. We all just sat there and laughed at the two boys it was just so cute and funny!! Apparently Roman was hungry!