Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zach's new hat!

Ok so here it is... these pictures were taken today so that means our blog is completely updated!!! YEAH!!! I just had to blog these pictures I took today of Zach in his new hat. I don't know if you all got in on that 40% off sale at Old Navy a few weeks ago but that's where we got the hat. I love it and Zach thinks he is such a stud in it, he loves it too! And really he is a stud I mean look at him, he's just so cute!! Happy blogging all! Love ya! :)


Manolakis Family

He's a cute little guy. Noticed that our family blog was linked from yours. Do we know each other?

Dan and Marci Family

He looks like a stud. I love it.

Ames Family

Yay! I love the new hat. You looked so cute at church by the way- I love the dress. We are for sure going to the gym in the morning. No excuses!!! ;)

Manolakis Family

Hi Jill! No worries on taking off our link, it is just nice to know who you are. Now I wonder did I ever meet you when I came in for a cleaning? How funny... I am in the middle of construction to my blog site too, I am trying to change my layout a little. I have learned a lot by trial and error but recently found this blog design layout link that helped a lot to widen my page and now trying to do double backgrounds, so deleted the old wall paper. Anyway happy to help if I can, check back soon:) Natalie

Brandon & Amber

He's getting so big!

Princess P

I found your blog through Sarahs. It was so nice to meet you last night. I can't wait to see the ties. :)

Jill Heaps

I love the hat! Zach is so cute! I want to see him in person! I've told Marci this, but we NEED to get together. I can't wait to see you!

Ames Family

Hey Jill, you need to blog about the ties! I put a picture of Linc on my blog with his cute tie on him. See you in the morning?