Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Easter... just a little late!

Ok so I sort of skipped the whole easter thing so I thought I would fill you in on it. We had such a fun day! We woke up and did the whole easter basket thing, then we went to church... notice Zach's cute new easter outfit and the tie! :) After church we went over to Chris & Sarah's house, they have twins one day younger than Zach. The babies & Tate were so cute together, it was so fun taking pictures of them! Then it was off to G & G Young's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. We had such a great day, it was so much fun! We really enjoyed spending time with friends and family, we are so lucky to have such great people in our lives!



Hi Jill!
Thanks so much for you comment! I actually am a HUGE baby tie fan! I do custom blog design as well, so if you ever feel the need to exchange goods and services....let me know!!



Hi Jill!! Your blog is so cute. I have enjoyed looking at pictures of your family and especially of Zach - what a cutie!! It looks like everything is going very well for you. Stay in touch!


Ames Family

Yay love the video. Sorry I was so hard to get a hold of today, I have been busy with dr. appts, picking up kids, bday name it. If you get this tonight, text me if you want to work out in the morning. Love ya girl.


You have so many fun pictures of him! What great photography!