Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tip toe through the tulips...

The other day I was out planting flowers and could not pass up this photo op. Zach was not sure about the flowers and dirt at first. He warmed up to the idea when he figured out he could push and pull the flowers around.

Who LOVES Ice cream???

If you can't tell this is deffinately my son, I love ice cream and now so does Zach. Paul and I had a bowl for dessert the other night and Zach freaked out until we gave him some. He pulled the bowl down and face planted into it trying to get some ICE CREAM!!!! He is so crazy right now about food, if we are eating he has a fit until we give him some!! Can you say SPOILED!

Daddy and Zach

I love this picture of Paul and Zach. Paul is such a cute daddy which I always knew he would be. I love how he will lay down with Zach and just play with him or let Zach beat up on him, that happens a lot! :) It's so fun just to watch my two boys spend time together!