Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zach's first hair cut!

Happy boy ready for a hair cut!

Check out that hair!

Here is the first cut

Help! Mommy save me!!

Anyone in the mood for sumo wrestling?

I don't know about this!!

Are we done yet?

All done... Happy boy again!

Zach did not love his first hair cut experience, I'm not sure Aunt Marci did either. At times I was worried Marci was going to cut Zach or herself because Zach was being so wiggly. Luckily, we all got through it without any casualties. Thank goodness!! Thanks Aunt Marci for my great hair cut! Look at me I'm a stud!!



Ok, Zach's first hair cut pics are so fun, but I just have to say that you're haircut is so cute! You're a hottie!

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly


Jill Heaps

Zach is so cute! You know the only time I saw him cry was when he got on the grass. But other than that I couldn't believe what a happy kid he is! I love that smile!

By the way I loved seeing you the other day!


Jilly Bean!!!

I've missed you guys so much. While I was unpacking my magnets/pictures from the fridge, I saw the christmas picture that you guys sent us last christmas, and of course I never noticed before that you guys have a blog! Well, Tim and I (well...just me I guess) have one too that I just started a month or so ago. Hopefully this will help us keep in touch more!



These pictures are so cute. I cannot believe how much Zach and changed. I imagine he's getting pretty excited for his big day coming up on Friday. We need to get together so I can suck it up playing that game again.