Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Time!

We went to Idaho to see my family and to attend a family reunion. At the reunion Bob & Linda (my cousins) brought this rocket launcher they had made and the kids (Paul included) made their own rockets to launch. It was so cool! I even made one but it was really crappy! Sad day Jill Young! Anyway, we had a "blast" at the reunion!

After the reunion we went to dinner at Pizza Villa. This is Paul's favorite place to eat in Preston, we MUST eat there everytime we go to Preston it is now tradition. They happened to be having their annual Pig out so we were very lucky to have been a part of it. :) Zach ate 3 silces by himself as well as 2 breadsticks... the little piggy piggy! At the pig out they were giving out prizes and sunglasses for the kids. They gave Zach a pair of sunglasses which he did not want to wear so Uncle Brent put them on... oh boy! Zach was freaked out by the glasses, it was so funny! We got an extra pair for some reason so NaTasha put them on too... Zach did not like that either!! We had a great time in Idaho!! Love ya fam!!

Zach eating his first slice of pizza!

Zach & Grandma Priestley

Zach says "I love me some Pizza!"

Paul won a prize.. He was so excited!! He looks like a St. Bernard with it around his neck! :)

As you can see Zach is not impressed with the glasses but that is uncle Brent's hand reaching for them.

Zach looks like he is thinking.. Mom what is going on??

Oh boy! Uncle Brent sure thinks this is funny but I am not quite sure about this!

NaTasha & Brent in their awesome sunglasses! You guys look hot!! :)

Zach was covered in Pizza sauce so we stripped him down to his diappy and shoes and put him in the carseat... can you say white trash baby!?


Corbridge Family

I have enjoyed your last few posts. I love to see pictures of your family -- I can't believe how much some of them have changed and I can't believe Kelsie is graduated now. I can remember when she was just little -- time sure flies!

That would be so much fun if we could get together some time. We don't make it to Preston very often though, maybe once a month. You'll have to let me know the next time you are planning a trip to Preston, then maybe we can plan a trip at the same time. Just give us a little heads up!


Looks like you had loads of fun at your reunion. You guys have made a lot of trips to Idaho this year. We are so glad we got to see you guys. I can't believe how big Zach is getting, one year old! Wow! Hope to see more pictures soon and find out what your up to. We love you guys!

Ames Family

I have white trash babies---I use to say I would never be that mother. Oh well! Melanie loved the tie, by the way. Oh, and Lincoln threw up as they were saying "I Do" at the ceremony.