Monday, August 25, 2008

Family picture day...

One Sunday afternoon we met Marci and Dan at Gardner Village to take pictures of each other. It was a beautiful day but it was too sunny and Paul and I are squinting in all of the pictures. Zach did not want to smile so, as you can see none of the pictures turned out all that well. There were quite a few that I thought were really cute and funny but I don't know that any will go on the wall. Thanks Marci for your best efforts though, we had a great time! :) I do love the ones where we are looking at the pond.. that way you can't see our squinty eyes. :)

Zach and Paul had to check out the ducks while we were at the Village.



Jill, you have some cute pictures here! I agree, I like the ones at the pond.


Ok I love the one where Zac is pointing at the camera! And the pond ones are so cute...what a good lookin family!

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly

Yeah your alive!!! I loved the updates!!! And the fam pictures are cute! The pond one is my favorite!


This is Sarah's sister Anna. I love your pictures with the ducks! I sure hope all is going well and I am sure I will run into you soon! Take care and I love your blog!