Sunday, September 14, 2008

Zach Attack!!

So these pictures are over 2 months old but I am still trying to catch up... I just thought I would post some cute and silly pictures of Zach Attack.

He was so silly with the Peek-a-boo when he finally figured it out he loved to play and I love this pic of his cute "boo" face.

If you don't know Zach was afraid of animal noises for the longest time. Whenever Paul would moo like a cow Zach would make this face and sometimes he would cry. I guess I am a bad mom but I thought it was too funny and I knew (well hoped) it would not last long so I had to get a picture of it! :)

Zach loves to drink his bath water... please tell me this is just a phase and he will grow out of it soon! :) By the way how awesome is the water, Crayola makes these tablets that color the water, they are so fun!

This was the first time he un-rolled the toilet paper, he was just too cute to get mad at so I took pictures instead. They make me smile when I look at them and I love how he is dragging it behind him as he tries to make his get away! What a cute little stinker!!