Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I guess you all have figured out I am always behind on my blogging but I wanted to show you how cute Zach was in his costume. I dressed him up as Curious George and Paul was the man in the yellow hat. My cute friend Ashley took these pictures for us, she works at the JC Penny portrait studio at the south towne mall. Awesome job Ash! :) Isn't Zach such a cute monkey!! Paul was such a great sport too!!




Paul, I think we could add this to the collection with the life jacket and helmet picture. Love ya bro.

Blaine, Hillary & Colton

ADORABLE!!! I love the outfit and you've got one good husband to play along!

Micah Seegmiller

Hey Jill, first of all Zach is sooo cute! Thanks for the blog site - I like to sneak peeks on friends every now and again. It's been great working with you, stay in touch!

Brandon and Amber

Cute pictures!!! Can you guys email me your address so I can send you an x-mas card?

Hope you have a great Christmas!!!

Micah Seegmiller

Jill, are you out there? Just wondering what you're up to :)

One Day At A Time

Hey Young family it's Hali Furness! haha so i made a blog and if you guys would like to view it it's love you guys!
p.s. those pics are so sweet!


So this comment is really late but I haven't checked your blog for awhile and now that I did, well WOW!
What adorable costumes! That has to be one of the most clever costumes ever - especially for dad & son!
I love it!
P.S. How is little Zach doing? Is he getting better from his nasty cold last weekend? I hope so.