Friday, March 5, 2010

And she's back... We'll see! :)

I'm sure you all thought I fell off the side of a mountain or something due to the fact it has been over a year since I last posted. Well I am still alive and kicking just so you all know! :) Life this past year has been crazy and exciting and beyond stressful. But guess what... We all survived (at least at our house)!
I guess the most exciting news of the year came in october when we bought our first house. I keep meaning to post pictures but I haven't yet. I have pictures of what it looked like before but I still have not taken the "after" shots. How long is it ok to live in your house with out getting all your pictures and stuff on the walls?? I just don't know what I want to do yet, nothing has struck me. I am still waiting for it to hit me.
I will eventually get the pictures on the blog, I promise! :)
Here is one picture of the house... Zach and I played in the snow this morning before his nap. This was the first time he really has been able to go out and play in the snow this year. He loved it and I had a lot of fun too!! Don't make fun of the snowman... it has been many years since I have made one! :)



YAY! Glad you are back! I have to tell you, Zach looks soo big in those pictures! That kid is growing so fast- such a cutie!


hooray. welcome back guys! your house is adorable and I can't believe how much Zach has grown and changed!