Monday, March 8, 2010

To Infinity and beyond!!!

Zach is loving Toy Story right now. He loves Buzz and Woody, it just depends on the mood he's in who he decides he is. This weekend he became Buzz Light (that is what Zach calls him.) Note the Buzz Lightyear slippers and pajamas, not just the cuffs and wings. This kid cracks me up!! Sunday morning he woke up, came into our room, climbed up on our bed and on top of Paul, he looked at us and said "I want mine wings on!" Zach is the cutest little stinker, I just love him!!! He can make me so mad and want to laugh at him all within a matter of seconds! Gotta' love him!

Sunday afternoon he decided that he needed his helmet as well... lol he cracks me up!


Our Family

Jill!! I'm so happy you are blogging again! Zach is getting so big -- I can't believe it! He's is such a cutie. By the way, congrats on the new house!

Mark Young

Great to hear from you guys again. I love seeing pics of you guys please keep posting, despite what I do.



You're back!

It's good to see pictures of you guys since we are so far away. Especially Zach. They grow so fast.

The house looks great. Looks like you've had lots of snow to shovel.

Ames Family

Zach is getting so huge! We love Toy Story 2. Let's have a party with pizza. Do you want to come over one night? Maybe Saturday night or sunday night? Let me know. Love ya!

Ames Family

Where do I get those wings? Too cute. When can you and Zach come over and play? How about friday? Can we plan it please?! I loved our dinner the other night. Thanks for being such a great friend. Call me and we can make some plans. Zach is such a cute little man!

Bren + Lucy

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